Our Registered Massage Therapists

Getachew Addgeh, Registered Massage Therapist

Getachew graduated in 2017 from the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies. He received the Don Bennett award of Excellence upon graduation for his dedication to his studies. Getachew likes the therapeutic side of massage and pursued a career in massage therapy to help and meet new people. Getachew has taken extra courses in Indian Head massage, Rib Mobilization and Lymphatic Drainage.

Getachew grew up in Ethiopia and began loosing his vision due to illness when he was 6, and became fully visually impaired in 2009. He began his journey into Massage Therapy after moving to Canada. His loss of sight has enhanced his massage abilities with heightened sense of touch.

Aaron Meiklejohn, Registered Massage Therapist    

Aaron attended Robertson College, graduated in 2016, and belongs to the RMTSMB Association. He became an RMT because he has a strong interest in health and the human body and has a strong desire to help people. Aaron previously worked in a spa and a sports clinic setting. However, he prefers to do a deep tissue style of treatment, with a clinical treatment approach. When he isn’t assisting his clients in pain and stress management, he likes to unwind with a round of golf, snowboarding, or his absolute favorite, hockey. Aaron loves spending time with his daughter Penny, and his Husky; Luna when ever he has time to spare!

Nadia Dupre, Registered Massage Therapist    

Nadia graduated from Wellington College in 2007 and is a member of the MTAM Association. She became an RMT as she has a passion for helping others relieve stress using relaxation techniques. She has been massaging since she was a child, finding her passion early tending to family, friends, and coworkers. She has taken the Intro to Pregnancy Pelvis, and Hot Stone courses. She specializes in relaxation, deep tissue hot stone and pregnancy massages. Her style of treatment would be described as deep tissue flushing (relaxing with slow deeper pressure). When Nadia is not treating her clients with a pregnancy, hot stone, relaxing, or deep tissue massage; you can find her in a great book, watching tv or a movie, attending a concert, travelling, or visiting with family and friends. Nadia looks forward to meeting and treating you at Massage Addict St. Vital!

Cynthia Andrushko, Registered Massage Therapist   

Cynthia graduated from Robertson College in 2020 ; and belongs to the MTAM Association. Cynthia became an RMT because she wanted to help people live a full, pain free life. She is also trained in Cupping and took personal training courses. Clients would describe her treatment as therapeutic, and she specializes in Deep Tissue Therapeutic massage. When Cynthia is not massaging or Personal Training, she loves to workout and read. Cynthia looks forward to treating you at Massage Addict St Vital soon!

Van Tri Bui, Registered Massage Therapist    

Van Tri Bui graduated from Robertson College amidst the Pandemic in 2020. He chose massage as it was a hobby and interest for him, allows for a flexible schedule and he can also treat and help his family members. He belongs to RMTSMB association and specializes in deep tissue. His clients are in awe of his technique and speak highly of his attention to detail. Often feedback consists of "knew what I needed before I did", "Hurts but the hurt I needed".  He prefers to treat using Deep tissue, general Swedish, trigger point, and remedial exercises. When Van is not assisting his clients, you can find him enjoying family time, traveling, and watching movies. Book your next deep tissue treatment with Van, he looks forward to meeting you!

Yang Wei (Sherry), Registered Massage Therapist   

Yang Wei (Sherry) graduated from Hua Xai Acupuncture Massage Herb College in Winnipeg June 30, 2021. She worked as an RMT in China previously and has thousands of treatments experience prior to relocating to Manitoba. Sherry has always had a passion for Wellness, Massage and Acupuncture; and has a true passion for continuing her education. 

Sherry is trained in Swedish massage, Myofascial Therapy, Joint Mobility, Muscle Energy Release Techniques, and Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)Treatments. 

She is also trained in Cupping, Massage Therapy with Reflexology, Hot Stone and Indie Head massage modality treatments. 

Sherry specializes in Chinese Acupuncture point massage playing a major role in coping with all kinds of chronic tension headaches especially in the neck due to chronic pain, shoulders, lower back (due to sciatica problem), and pelvis/glutes regions. 

Sherry loves Traditional Chinese Medicine, and spends her spare time reading, focusing on continuing education learning more useful knowledge to benefit you as a client. 

Sherry looks forward to helping you at Massage Addict St. Vital!

Liz Clark, Registered Massage Therapist   

Liz graduated from Robertson College in 2019. She became an RMT for her strong desire to help others, and after discovering the importance of massage therapy after how much it helped her. Liz has been an avid gym goer and recreational athlete for most of her life.  Massage therapy has been very beneficial to her training and it seemed like a natural progression career wise. Her treatment style is deep tissue, injury rehab, and post op related. Liz is also trained in Cupping. 

Health and wellness are very important to her. she loves learning new things and being challenged to grow in new ways.  She offers a mixture of treatment styles dependent upon client request and what is required to complete the goals of each client. She is trained in full body massage and can provide heavier pressure upon request. she specializes in providing a nice balance between relaxation and deep tissue massage. 

Liz looks forward to assisting you with your health and wellness plan at Massage Addict St. Vital soon!

Alyshia Goodchild, Registered Massage Therapist    

RMT Alyshia Goodchild is trained in orthopedic treatment and assessment.  She graduated from Wellington school of massage therapies in 2018; and is aligned with the NHPC Association. She is very passionate about treating the body as whole and working together creating a treatment plan for reducing pain, increasing range of motion, regaining function, preventing injury and tools to maintain the integrity of treatment. She has additional training in reflexology, lymphatics, pre and post sports massage, cranial sacral, Neurophysiology: muscle spindles, Golgi tendon organ and pain management.

When Alyshia is not massaging, she can be found spending time with her daughter.  Alyshia looks forward to assisting you in creating a personalized treatment plan for you at Massage Addict St Vital!

Gillian Lussier, Registered Massage Therapist   

Please help us give a warm welcome (Back) to our student RMT. Gillian Lussier is now graduated, and ready to assist you further with your treatment plan. We are so proud and excited for her!

Gillian graduated from Wellington College June 2023 – and is associated with RMTSMB. Gillian chose massage therapy because of how much it had helped her in the past. Whether it was for treatment due to injury or just for general relaxation, massage was always something that helped her when she needed it. How great to help others when they truly need it – either by relieving stress or reduce pain with management and maintenance. Gillian grew up in rural Manitoba- and enjoys being active, whether it’s being at the gym in the harsh Winnipeg winters or getting to go for long walks with her dog in the warmer weather. She will always be up to get off the couch and get outside! Gillian hopes she can assist you with your pain and stress management sooner than later at Massage Addict St. Vital!

Kaushal Pandya, Registered Massage Therapist    

Kaushal Pandya is a dedicated massage therapist aligned with NHPC and graduated from Wellington College in 2022. Kaushal specializes in Therapeutic massage using Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Swedish techniques. He is also certified in hot stone, cupping, joint mobilization, and IASTM. He is very passionate about helping others achieve optimal wellness and has a keen understanding of the human body. Kaushal is committed to providing a personalized care treatment plan to each client and tailoring his treatments to address specific concerns all while promoting relaxation and healing. He looks forward to treating you at Massage Addict St Vital very soon.

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