A Proven Formula for Success

At Massage Addict, we’ve designed a proven formula for our franchise partners that serves as the foundation for a successful business.

There are three elements that are essential to running a successful franchise business:

1. A well-known brand that captures client/customer demand:

  • Massage Addict leads the market: Over 95 clinics and 1,200+ Registered Massage Therapists, Certified Reflexologists and Registered Acupuncturists, Massage Addict is the largest and fastest growing brand in the market. Over 65,000 clients receive therapeutic treatments every month at Massage Addict.
  • Massage therapy is growing: 35% of Canadians have tried Massage Therapy, up over 12% over the last 10 years.

2. A successful and proven business model:

  • Low investment and start-up costs: Estimated start-up costs range from $175-$225,000 including the franchise fee, clinic renovations, furniture, equipment and opening cash flow requirements. Plus, most franchise partners receive financing through the Canada Small Business Financing Program.
  • Recurring revenue and quick ROI: The Massage Addict membership model creates a long-term and loyal client relationship. Over 75% of the monthly revenue comes from recurring clients, and some 80% of our clients pay via health insurance. The result? Predictable revenue and quick return on investment.
  • Opportunity for multi-clinic ownership: More than 50% of our franchise owners operate multiple clinics, some opening a first and then using the profits to expand to a second or third clinic.
  • Straightforward in-clinic business model: Massage Addict is a single-service business that requires minimal inventory and working capital. It also provides an easy-to-operate staffing model.

3. Head Office expertise and support:

  • The Massage Addict management team brings over 125 years of combined experience in Sales, Marketing, Operations, IT, Finance and general business leadership
  • Details on the comprehensive support we supply our franchise partners can be found here
    • Pre-Opening
    • Opening Week
    • Post Opening

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