Our Certified Reflexologists

Jeannette L. V. Giffin Shaw, Certified Reflexologist   

Jeannette has been a competitive athlete, medical laboratory technologist, professional skating coach, is a mother of two daughters, and married to an understanding, compassionate husband who has supported Jeannetteʼs passion for learning.

Jeannette developed an interest for alternative ways of regaining balance with exposure to reflexology and iridology as a child. When her children were born this interest became a passion. A quest to re-discover reflexology methods and vibrational technologies and techniques that are possible for everyone to access and regain their inherent original potential in health and in life. For Jeannette, vibration is the key. Living, feeling, and researching the energy that relays information throughout the body and field has been a life endeavor.

Jeannette looks forward to assisting those interested in regaining their inner composure through discovery, learning and release.

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