Our Certified Reflexologists

Lucia Furtado, Certified Reflexologist   

I've completed my Reflexology certification with the Registered Association of Canada. My passion has always been working with people. My past career of 15 years was devoted to caring for Alzheimer's and Dementia sufferers. My goal in life has always been to stop illnesses from starting, and that is when I decided to take a holistic approach. How would I describe Reflexology? Most importantly I do not diagnose nor do I treat specific conditions but think of your feet as a mini map to your body. By applying pressure to the reflexes in your feet, it sends a message to your body. This helps your body heal itself. 

My goal is to help your body avoid moving beyond pain and suffering. By doing this it will improve your quality of life, and help with the following: relaxation, improving blood circulation, helps fight depression, relieves pain, alleviates swelling, promotes better sleep, and more!

When Reflexology is applied to your life on a regular basis it can help keep your body healthy. Your body has the natural ability to correct and strengthen itself. Book an appointment with me today and start enjoying the benefits of this amazing therapy, your body will thank you!

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