Our Registered Massage Therapists

Cora Hasna, Registered Massage Therapist

Cora has been practicing massage therapy since 2011 and she completed her 2200 hour designation from the Alberta Institute of Massage in 2012. Cora chose this career because she believes massage therapy should be included in everyone’s health regime. She knows the amazing benefits that massage therapy can offer her clients and finds it very rewarding to see her clients receive those benefits. Cora is trained and certified in relaxation, therapeutic, deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal and sports massage. Cora enjoys spending time with her 3 children and husband and can usually be found at the many sporting events her children are involved in, in her spare time.

Nichole Mullis, Registered Massage Therapist

Nichole has been a registered massage therapist since 2013. She graduated from the Alberta Institute of Massage with her 2200 hours designation. Nichole's favorite type of massage to provide her clients with is a therapeutic treatment. She is also trained and certified to provide relaxation, deep tissue, infant, prenatal, hot stone and cupping massage. When she isn't working you can find her spending time with her dog.

Fallon Wilneff, Registered Massage Therapist

Fallon has always been interested in massage therapy and pursued it as a career in 2017. She graduated from the Alberta Institute of Massage with her 2200 hour designation in 2019. Fallon's preferred style of massage is therapeutic/deep tissue massage. She is also trained in prenatal, infant, sports, hot stone and cupping massage. Fallon is always looking to expand her knowledge to be able to further help all of her clients achieve the results they are looking for. When she is not working, Fallon can be found with a pencil in her hand either writing or drawing.

Carol Migneault, Registered Massage Therapist

Carol graduated from the Alberta College of Massage Therapy in June, 2019 with her 2200 hour massage therapy designation. She is trained and certified in therapeutic, prenatal, relaxation, youth massage and hot stone massage. Carol does not provide deep tissue massage at this time and focus's more on a relaxation and therapeutic massage style. She has an extensive amount of experience working with youth and believes massage therapy to be very beneficial for children. Carol is currently a member with NHPC. She first became interested in massage while teaching ESL in Japan, and upon returning to Canada decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. She believes in massage as a holistic method of healing. Her favorite part of massage is the positive physiological effects massage has on the body and mind. In her free time, Carol likes to read and write.

Teresa Skiba, Registered Massage Therapist

Teresa received her 2200 Hour Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma in 2019 from The Northern Institute of Massage Therapy. She is currently a member of RMTA. Teresa is trained and certified in Lensen Therapy, therapeutic, relaxation, hot stone, trigger point, fascia release and looks forward to adding to her modalities. Teresa decided to make a career change into Massage Therapy as she has always been amazed of the health benefits and wanted to help others with their health and share her knowledge. Teresa can be found with her family and reading a good book any chance she gets!

Ashley Sparks, Registered Massage Therapist

Ashley graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Lethbridge College in 2015. She specializes in providing therapeutic and deep tissue massages. She has been offering cupping aswell since she graduated and has always been passionate about it. Ashley is also trained in deep tissue hot stone and loves this service too. Her spare time is taken up by her love of animals and 3 pets. Ashley loves a challenge that a complex case presents and can't wait to see you for your next treatment!

Jodi Strochinski, Registered Massage Therapist

Jodi graduated from the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy in 2017 with the 2200 hour diploma. She is a current member with the CMMOTA association. Jodi enjoys the one on one interaction with her clients to fully focus on providing the best treatment for them. She is trained in cupping, hot stone, therapeutic and relaxation massage. Jodi provides more of a therapeutic treatment to achieve the best outcome. When she isn't working you can find her watching sports, travelling or hanging out with her 2 cats.

Chelsie Gillies, Registered Massage Therapist

Chelsie graduated from the Alberta Institute of Massage in early 2020 with her 2200 hour certificate. She is trained in therapeutic, relaxation, prenatal, sports massage and deep tissue massage. In the future she plans to expand her education to include other modalities such as cupping. Chelsie has a passion for massage therapy and helping people feel better. Her preferred treatment style is a mixture of therapeutic and relaxation. In Chelsie's free time she enjoys hanging out with her cats, going on walks and just enjoying the day.

Vlada Kropacek, Registered Massage Therapist

Vlada graduated in 2013 from the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy with her 2200 hour massage therapy certificate. She is a current member of the CMMOTA association. Vlada became a massage therapist to help her clients with their chronic pain, injuries, and other health conditions. She offers relaxation, therapeutic and prenatal massage treatments. Vlada enjoys reading a good book and practicing her thai chi as well as learning more holistic therapies in her spare time.

Rochelle Poss, Registered Massage Therapist

Rochelle completed her 2200 hour massage therapy diploma in June 2020 from the Alberta College of Massage Therapy. She is currently a member of the NHPC association. Rochelle is passionate about helping others and believes relaxation and therapeutic massage are very beneficial with alleviating pain, reducing stress and aiding with maintenance of overall health. Rochelle looks forward to further advancing her knowledge and education in reflexology. In her spare time Rochelle enjoys travelling and spending time with her family and friends.

Rebecca Holmes, Registered Massage Therapist

Rebecca graduated from the Alberta College of Massage Therapy in January 2021 with her 2200 hour Massage Therapy Diploma, and she is a current member with the MTAA. She is currently trained in relaxation and therapeutic massage, and she is excited to expand her skills through various continued education courses in the future. Rebecca is passionate about the mental and physical benefits of massage, and believes in the natural healing and relaxation abilities of massage therapy. In her spare time Rebecca enjoys an active lifestyle, and spending time with friends and family.

Cammi Durand, Registered Massage Therapist

Cammi graduated from MCG College in June 2021, completing the 2200 hour Massage Therapy program. Cammi is trained and certified in Lensen, relaxation and therapeutic massage therapy. She is excited to add more modalities to expand her knowledge base and help her clients further their healing journey. Cammi has always wanted to pursue a career in helping others and has loved massage from a young age. When she isn't working, you can find her out and about spending as much time as she can with her dogs.

Sydney Wall, Registered Massage Therapist

Sydney graduated from the Alberta Institute of Massage in 2016 and has been practicing Massage Therapy mainly in Red Deer, where she is from since then. Upon graduation, she received her 2200 hour diploma. Sydney specializes in therapeutic, sports massage, cupping and hot stone treatments. She often uses passive stretching and movements to help her clients receive the most benefit from her treatments. She has a fiancé, daughter, step daughter, a dog and a cat so there is always a busy schedule with family when she is not at work. Sydney looks forward to seeing you soon!

Dakota Schiestel, Registered Massage Therapist

Dakota completed the 2200 Advanced Massage Therapy program in March 2020 and received her diploma from the Alberta Institute of Massage. Shortly after she received her myofascial cupping certificate as well. She enjoys spending time at work, helping her clients achieve the goals they have for their treatments. While away from work, Dakota is always seeking new opportunities to learn about different aspects of healing and finding the best solutions to help her clients.

Amber Booth, Registered Massage Therapist

Amber completed her 2200 hour Massage Therapy Diploma in 2010 from the Alberta Institute of Massage. Her training includes Dynamic Cupping, Hot Stone, Therapeutic/Deep Tissue, Trigger point therapy and Prenatal Massage. She has additional education as a Birth Doula and hopes to add Nutrition Consultant to her skill set. Amber is eager to help people through all life stages and maintain quality physical health.

Christina Logan, Registered Massage Therapist    

Christina graduated from Makami College in 2017 with 3000 hours of training. She enjoys providing a variety of treatments including deep tissue, relaxation, hot stone, cupping and youth massage. In her spare time she enjoys long distance backpacking trips and scrambling up mountain peaks!

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