Our Certified Reflexologists

Karamjit Ghag, Certified Reflexologist

Karamjit (karma) is a certified Reflexologist and Registered practitioner with Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) and Reflexology Association of British Columbia (RABC). Karma earned his diploma in Reflexology from HCP Reflexology Institute in the year 2016, where emphasis is laid on the clinical aspect of reflexology. Clinical reflexology promotes relaxation, relieves tension and stress, stimulates and promotes the unblocking of nerve impulses. It has a balancing effect on mind-body and spirit, and naturally helps to achieve homeostasis and encourages healing. Clinical reflexology, Classical reflexology, Dian Chan facial reflexology and Nerve reflexology are the different domains of reflexology that Karma practices. To make reflexology a Holistic form of healing, Karma in his Reflexology sessions incorporates elements of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and energy work to facilitate healing at deeper levels of body, mind and spirit.

Mary van Geyn, Certified Reflexologist

Mary is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT) with the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) and an Approved Practitioner with the Reflexology Association of British Columbia (RABC). She completed her first Reflexology course in 2003, at the Pacific Institute of Reflexology. What started as an 80th Birthday gift for her Mom, has evolved into a career, and she continues to explore other Health and Wellness modalities. In addition to Classical Reflexology, Mary has completed courses in Advanced Clinical, Hand, Integrative, Ayurvedic, and Vertical Reflexology Techniques (VRT), studying with internationally recognized instructors from Canada, the USA, England and Australia. Believing in the body-mind-spirit connection, she has added Reiki levels 1 & 2, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to her tool box of modalities. She is also a certified Chair Massage Practitioner.

Mary strongly believes in the body's innate healing power – and Reflexology can support the body by clearing energy blocks, balancing the energy system, and bringing it back into homeostasis. She has worked with infants, children, adults and seniors. Her work with seniors in care home settings, and with palliative patients, has been most rewarding. Gentle, non-invasive, and deeply relaxing, she believes Reflexology and its benefits are available to people of all ages. She treats each client with great care, empathy, and compassion.

When not treating clients, Mary can be found at home in Coquitlam, with her husband and twin sons, or by the ocean, traveling in her vintage C Class motor home. She loves all things vintage, and has restored several RVs and cars with her husband.

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