Our Massage Student Graduate Bios

Jona De Guzman, Massage Student Graduate   

Jona is a soon-to-be Massage Therapist from Langara College who is currently studying for her board exams in September 2022. 

She has a background in Thai Massage and is very familiar with relaxation and stretching. After working in architecture for 6 years, Jona has realized that her interests lie in helping others achieve optimal health and wellbeing. She likes to take on a more active approach to care and has a passion for shoulder and hip dysfunctions. Jona takes her time during treatments to listen to her patients and their bodies so she can help them in their maintenance or recovery. 

In her spare time, Jona enjoys playing recreational volleyball, going to the gym, and trying out new foods in the lower mainland. 

Justyne Lunden, Massage Student Graduate   

Justyne is currently completing her last few months of school at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, set to graduate in 2022. She has always had a passion for health and wellness which has lead her to massage therapy. She takes pride in being able to listen to a body’s needs with her hands which allows her to thoroughly address areas that need some extra attention. In her 2 years at VCMT she has explored many different modalities of massage and continues to take weekend workshops whenever possible to delve deeper into the techniques she finds the most beneficial for her clients. Justyne enjoys creating a unique treatment plan for each client based on their needs that day. 

When not at work or school she is usually out exploring a forest with her son. She lives an active lifestyle full of yoga, dancing, walks and racing her son in the park.

Trenton Stone-Vanderkooi, Massage Student Graduate   

Trent is currently a student massage therapist at Vancouver Career College (VCC) set to graduate in January 2023. He became passionate about massage therapy after many years of playing competitive sports and wishing to learn to help himself and others recover from injuries. He is interested in working on sports therapy, spinal injuries and neck injuries. Trent is a competitive boxer who also enjoys hiking, bouldering and playing basketball. He also enjoys playing guitar, playing games with friends and watching sports.

Nikki Smith, Massage Student Graduate   

Nikki is a recent graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She was honored to serve as her class valedictorian in the winter of 2021. 

Nikki has been fortunate to work with athletes from the UBC Athletic program, pre- and post- natal mothers, and residents of the George Pearson Centre, a long-term care facility in Vancouver. These experiences were incredibly humbling and fulfilling and reinforced to Nikki why she chose to pursue Massage Therapy: to help people heal and reconnect to their bodies. 

Nikki's goal as an SMT is to deliver focused treatments designed to meet her patients' specific needs. Listening is an important part of Nikki's practice, and she always lets her patients lead the way. Your comfort and treatment needs are her top priorities.

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