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Dr. Jon Kozak, DC Licensed Chiropractor

Dr. Jon Kozak is rooted in his motto “movement is medicine” as he practices his discipline. In fact, he became a chiropractor himself because of his first hand experience as a patient due to a cycling injury in his knee, and after a year of suffering, a chiropractor helped alleviate and eliminate the pain. While chiropractors are spinal health experts, benefits go beyond and can help with pain and mobility in the extremities.

Jon has nearly a decade of experience as a personal trainer and martial arts coach. Teaching movement patterns and providing pain relief are some of Jon’s passions as a chiropractor. Jon graduated from Western University in London Ontario, with a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology, before most recently graduating from the University of Western States in Portland Oregon as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Jon’s patient centred treatment approach includes chiropractic joint manipulation, rehabilitative exercise, hands on and instrument assisted soft tissue work, cupping, ultrasound, and e-stimulation. Education is also a large part of Jon’s approach so that patients can play a role in their own treatment.

Outside of the clinic, Jon enjoys various forms of movement including martial arts, weightlifting, cycling, SCUBA diving, and more.

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