Our Registered Massage Therapists

Karla C., Registered Massage Therapist

Hello My name is Karla, I’m a 3000 hour graduate Massage Therapist from Makami College, I have knowledge in relaxation, deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, therapeutic Exercise, PFN Stretches, Tigger points, cupping and Myofascia release becoming a massage therapist has given me the joy to help others weathered its distress, Tension or Muscle pain, i am very family oriented, I love spending it with my girls and husband sharing laughter together n nice bbq s in the summer, I’m also very passionate about running and dancing, I’m very down to earth and out going, easy to get along with, I am very professional and believe massage is beneficial to everyone.

Haben M., Registered Massage Therapist

Hello my name is Haben. I graduate from Makami College with 3000 hours and Registered CRMT. I have Experience working with general Muscles tension and pain, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, prenatal, cupping, Swedish and hot stone and incorporates stretching to provide the best suitable treatment for each individual.

I chose Massage Therapy as a career because I enjoy helping people to feel better. In my spare time I loving to spend my time with my husband and my beautiful kids playing games, laughing together, watching movies and go out side for walkings. I look forward to meeting you and helping you along the journey of living a pain/stress free life!

Monica R., Registered Massage Therapist

My name is Monica and I graduated from Makami college in Edmonton. I specialize in relaxation, cupping, hot stone and prenatal massages and can do deep tissue as well. I chose to become a Massage Therapist because it has a promising future, it allows me to work in a positive environment and lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, I like to help people to relax after a stressful work day or in their daily lives. I also like to help those clients who are looking for relief to their muscle pains. In my spare time I like to watch tv and movies, share time with friends, and cook. I also am a big animal lover and I like to ride a bicycle in the summer to visit parks and see different places and take pictures. I look forward to meeting you and helping you be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Kathryn B., Registered Massage Therapist    

Hello, my name is Kathryn and I graduated from Makami College’s Massage Therapist 3000- hour course in the summer of 2021, with the knowledge on how to do many different styles of massage, including: Swedish (aka Relaxation), Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, and Hot Stones. With massage, I will be able to assist you all in achieving your goals in health and fitness. Whether that means training for a marathon, or simply helping you achieve a better range of motion. I look forward to working with you all.

Kayla L., Registered Massage Therapist    

My name is Kayla, I am a graduate of Makami's massage therapy program, 3000 hours. I enjoy the inner workings of the shoulder and neck. With every treatment I try to stretch and move areas to ensure the best results. As a Therapist I enjoy Hot stone massage and Therapeutic massage. I will do my very best to ensure your happy with your treatment.

Wifek Z., Registered Massage Therapist    

Hello, my name is Wifek, and I graduated from the massage therapy 3000-hour program. My area of expertise includes all types of massage therapy techniques, such as deep tissue, relaxation, hot stone, cupping, prenatal massage, lymphatic drainage, and trigger point therapy. I chose this profession because I am passionate about health, well-being, and healing. As a massage therapist, my objective is to assist my clients in feeling better and improving their physical and mental health. My goal is to make sure that every client I work with receives a positive impact and is treated with care. I am excited to help you all on your journey towards wellness.

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