Our Registered Massage Therapists

Tracy Finley, Registered Massage Therapist

Tracy is very empathetic and strives towards helping people improve their lives.
Her massage techniques focus on pain relief, relaxation and stress management. Tracy is educated in Swedish as well as Deep Tissue Massage. She is passionate and eager to facilitate healing with the techniques she has learned, as well as more that will be acquired through continuing education courses. Her ultimate goal is to improve your quality of life. In her spare time she works out at GoodLife Fitness and does bicycling. She looks forward to beginning the journey with you. Tracy Finley, RMT, Canadian College of Health, Science and Technology.

Lori Hickey, Registered Massage Therapist

Lori is a practicing RMT since 2012. She has a very caring and compassionate touch and puts it to good use. having knowledge in several modalities has helped her to specifically target the needs of each client. Lori loves being an RMT and is passionate about giving each client the best treatment possible.

Charles Triolet, Registered Massage Therapist

Charles graduated from Canadian College of Health Science and Technology in 2017 and registered with the CMTO since 2018. He is educated in performing physical assessments to help recognize injuries to the body and perform treatments to help relieve the symptoms. He works with each client on an individual basis to develop a treatment plan designed for their specific wants and needs. He can also recommend specific exercises and stretches to help prevent many common injuries.

Before entering the field of Massage Therapy he worked in the manufacturing industry for 11 years. Charles is quite familiar with many of the injuries associated within the workplace, as well as the stresses that many employees go through on a daily basis. He is highly motivated and passionate about his work and looks forward to being apart of the Massage Addict team.

Jordan Fox, Registered Massage Therapist

Jordan Fox is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from the D'Arcy Lane Institute of Massage Therapy in London, Ontario. He is passionate about his work and is devoted to helping make the lives of his clients better. His training includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial release, Soft Tissue release, relaxation, joint mobilizations, and more. He focuses on efficiently affecting both superficial and deep layers of muscle, connective tissue (fascia), and nervous systems. Jordan is a lifelong learner. He is always reading, studying, and putting into practice the things he feels will most benefit his clients. Educating his clients on how they can improve their health is one of his key focuses. Through his continuing education, Jordan is always evolving and adapting to learn the best techniques and practices to give his clients the best treatments and education possible. He encourages self care at home, utilizing his passion and knowledge of both Yoga and Massage Therapy. Jordan is committed to helping each client attain their wellness goals.

Rebecca Stewart, Registered Massage Therapist    

Rebecca graduated from Canadian College of Health Science and Technology in 2018. She became a RMT because she has always wanted to help people improve their health and overall well-being. She enjoys working in a therapeutic setting. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge and skills by taking courses and continuing to learn how she can best serve her patients. Rebecca is Registered and in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. She is also a proud member of the Registered Massage Therapist Association of Ontario. Prior to her education in Massage Therapy, she also graduated from Occupational/Physiotherapy Assistant program at St. Clair in 2014. Rebecca was a former dancer for 14 years, and has recently taken up running in her spare time. She is excited to be part of the Massage Addict team!

Jacquelyn Dick, Registered Massage Therapist

Jacquelyn is a 2018 graduate from the Canadian College of Health Science and Technology Registered Massage Therapy program. She became an RMT because she believes Massage Therapy is an integral part of health and wellness. She focuses her attention on pain relief and relaxation for those who have physically demanding and stressful jobs. In her off hours, Jacquelyn enjoys reading books, spending time outdoors, and is always researching and learning about anything and everything that interests her.

Daniel Campbell, Registered Massage Therapist

My name is Daniel Campbell, I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for little over 5 years now. Began my Massage Therapy career in Jasper, Alberta at the world-renowned Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Spa, Reflections. Then moved to the Westin's Avello Spa in Whistler, British Columbia. After making the move here to Ontario I began establishing myself in the community. Along with my practice, I am now also supervisor at the Canadian College of Health Science and Technology on Thursday evenings. I have experience in Pregnancy massage, Infant massage, Hydrotherapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, as well as numerous other innovative massage techniques. I am excited to continue building a strong reputation within the Windsor community.

Shannon Moxon, Registered Massage Therapist

Shannon graduated from the Canadian College of Health sciences and Technology in 2018. She has prior experience in pharmacy and traditional medicine, but they left her searching for alternative treatments to assist people in sickness and injury without all of the terrible side effects. She wants to help people live their best life possible, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Shannon specializes with treatments such as cranial sacral, deep tissue, stress relief, injury, and entire body unification. These are all delivered through various techniques.

In her off time, Shannon loves to be by the water, and values any time she gets to spend with her family.

Jeremy Muslewski, Registered Massage Therapist

Jeremy graduated from the Canadian College of Health Science and Technology in 2007. He chose Massage Therapy as he wanted to assist people with their health care needs. His treatments are focused on the clients needs, and can range from relaxation to deep tissue. He is trained in Hot Stone Massage, Cupping, and Strain/Counterstrain.

He was also an instructor at Canadian College of Health Science and Technology for 10 years, teaching many classes and supervising the public clinic.

On his days off, he enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

Trevor Lapointe, Registered Massage Therapist   

Trevor graduated for Massage Therapy in February 2021 from Canadian College of Health, Science, and Technology and is registered and in good standing with the CMTO. He became an RMT to help more people who suffer from lack of mobility from years of bad posture, imbalances and anyone who suffers from pain in their body. He has taken courses in RMT, strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, low back pain, and fascial stretch therapist. His style of treatment is trigger point therapy, supplemented with muscle lengthening techniques to increase mobility while promoting relaxation of muscle tissue. He specializes in fascial stretching, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and sports massage.

When not doing treatments, he enjoys keeping fit and reading.

Robyn Bott, Registered Massage Therapist   

Robyn is a Registered Massage Therapist who is very passionate about helping her clients heal and find balance in their lives. She has a background in fitness, nutrition, and natural health and wellness, and has a deep understanding of chronic pain and injuries. Robyn tailors treatments to suit each client’s individual needs, incorporating various techniques like Swedish massage, deep tissue, joint mobility, and fascial release. 

She continues researching and learning different healing modalities to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals. Robyn graduated from the Canadian College of Health Science and Technology in April 2022 and is also an experienced Reiki Practitioner. She loves being able to help clients fully relax and realign while enabling the body’s natural healing process of bringing physical, emotional and mental health into balance. 

In her free time, Robyn loves to be outside in nature. She enjoys spending time with loved ones and also plays basketball.


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