Our Licensed Chiropractors

Dr. Barry Nguyen, Licensed Chiropractor

Dr. Barry Nguyen has been a practicing Chiropractor for 10 years after graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) and University of Waterloo. He takes an evidence-based treatment approach for each of his patients to allow them to lead a fully functional and active lifestyle. His goal is to educate patients on what is truly causing their pain or dysfunction and working together to help manage it. His treatment options and services include:

•    Spinal manipulation and Joint mobilizations 
•    Manual Release Soft Tissue Therapy
•    Neurofunctional and Dry Needle Acupuncture 
•    Rehabilitative and Functional Home/Office exercises 
•    Custom Orthotics 
•    Athletic Taping

Dr. Anita Rajan, Licensed Chiropractor    

Dr. Anita Rajan, DC, has been immersed in the field of health and wellness for well over two decades and loves yoga and dancing. She completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, IL. She utilizes many different methods to care for the health of your body – Traditional manual adjustments as well as the Activator instrument are used to ensure specific corrections to your spine & joints, and Soft Tissue Therapies & Range of Motion Mobilizations are incorporated to allow proper functioning of the muscles & joints. Dr. Rajan also provides Network Spinal Analysis; a soft touch, cutting edge chiropractic technique using breath and body awareness that is suitable for all age groups (from newborns to urban professionals to senior citizens). Gentle, precise, light force is used to cue your brain to unwind spinal cord tension, resulting in improved posture and decreased overall tension in the spine, while creating long lasting changes to your nervous system.

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