Our Registered Massage Therapists

Bethany Perry, Registered Massage Therapist

Bethany graduated from Academy Canada in 2019 with a diploma in Health & Human Sciences knowing that sport massage was going to be the focus of her career. Being a Registered Massage Therapist & a Certified Candidate in Sports Massage Therapy, Bethany uses a variety of techniques during treatment that depend on the clients needs and include Deep Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Active Inhibition Techniques, which all aid to alleviate stress and tension that build up in soft tissue. Aside from sports, Bethany is also well trained in Relaxation, Prenatal Massage, Infant Massage, TMJ, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation and is comfortable treating Post Motor Vehicle Accident injuries.

Ally Morgan, Registered Massage Therapist

Ally has always been passionate about helping others which led her to her career choice to become a RMT. Ally has been a massage therapist at Massage Addict for over a year now and has gained lots of experience through her hundreds of treatments. She is certified in cupping and has provided massage therapy treatments to clients of all ages. Whether you’ve got aches or pain, an injury, or just looking to relax after a stressful day, she always ensures a safe and effective treatment to ensure her clients goals are met.

Lori Walsh, Registered Massage Therapist

Lori Walsh graduated in 2004 from Northumberland College in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a diploma in Massage Therapy. She holds certificates in myofascial release, cupping, remedial exercises and sports massage.

Lori's main goal is to help her clients achieve a pain free lifestyle. Her treatments are specific to each individual client and she uses a variety of techniques including Swedish massage, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations and remedial exercises.

She is in good standing with Newfoundland & Labrador Massage Therapy Association & the College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Lori graduated with a Business Management diploma in Human Resources in 2012 but has since returned to the profession to pursue her passion as a Massage Therapist. In her spare time, she enjoys being active and spending time with family and friends.

Geoff Brace, Registered Massage Therapist

After achieving his honours diploma of Health, Wellness, and Recreation (Eastern College, 2014) Geoff got his foot in the professional training business as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Geoff's time working as a personal trainer has provided the skills necessary to develop a strong practical and educational base for physical fitness - as well as a passion for helping others. After spending 6 years in the field, Geoff decided to go back to school and become a registered massage therapist. He achieved his honours diploma of massage therapy at Eastern Academy in 2021.

Geoff will create a treatment plan appropriate for each individual. All individuals are different, and everyone deserves their treatment to be tailored to their individual needs. This ensures the client receives the most effective treatment possible.

Geoff focuses on the manipulation of soft tissue to prevent and treat physical dysfunction and pain, with the use of massage therapy techniques. Some of these techniques include swedish massage, myofascial releases, trigger point releases, deep tissue work, and prescribed remedial exercise.

Geoff believes everyone should live a long and happy life, and the best way to do that is to maintain a strong, healthy foundation of core strength, general strength, mobility, balance, and self awareness.

If you would like help addressing physical dysfunction, rehabilitating an injury, decreasing pain, improving athletic ability, or even just to relax after a long day; Geoff is here to provide a helping hand.

Athletic background:

  • Competed in Wrestling, Powerlifting, and Bodybuilding


  • Health, Wellness, & Recreation (Eastern College, 2014)
  • Massage Therapy (Eastern Academy, 2021)

Elif Dikmen, Registered Massage Therapist   

Elif is a registered member in good standing with The College of Massage Therapists in Newfoundland.  She graduated from the Eastern Academy Massage therapy programme in 2020, where she was recognized for achieving the highest academic average in her graduating class. Before the successful completion of her massage therapy education, she obtained massage therapy certification in her home country and had the opportunity to work as a massage therapist for several years before moving to Canada.  

After graduating she has continued her education in Traditional Chinese Medicine taking contemporary Acupuncture courses such cupping therapy, acupuncture, guasha, moxibustion, ear needling, dry needling and acupuncture. She is currently enrolled in the programme and hoping to graduate soon. 

Throughout her time in school she developed a passion for helping people alleviate pain and discomfort by applying specific massage techniques supported by her advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.  Elif’s client-centred approach involves working with clients through their unique goals and investigating the root cause of dysfunction and pain.

In her spare time, she likes to dance, run and swim. She is also very into cooking and gardening.  She believes that a good life source comes from nutritional meals that are cooked with love.

Rebekah Saunders, Registered Massage Therapist   

Rebekah Saunders is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the CMTNL and the NLMTA. She graduated from Academy Canada in 2019. She owned her own Massage Therapy business in Glovertown, until recently when she moved to Paradise.

Rebekah enjoys helping people with their pain and discomfort. She loved the profession since her first day of college. She looks for ways to grow and learn & expand her practice to help people get the care they deserve, whether it be a relaxation or deep tissue massage.

Rebekah is certified in Cupping, Gua-Sha, Sports Massage, Cellulite Massage, Nutrition Coaching, and Personal Training.

She loves reading and learning especially in areas that can help increase her knowledge and help her Massage Therapy practice.

Since COVID-19, Rebekah has focused on her own mental/physical/emotional health. She started eating healthier, exercising, doing yoga, walking/hiking. She gets her own massages monthly to keep the body aligned and functioning properly. Rebekah is excited to join the team at Massage Addict St. John’s East.

Megan Lessard, Registered Massage Therapist   

Megan completed the comprehensive and accredited Massage Therapy program at Eastern College in 2015.  Megan is passionate in helping alleviate pain and dysfunction of the body and improving the overall health of her clients. She tailors each treatment specifically to the needs and goals of each person, using a variety of techniques that include Swedish, myofascial, joint mobilizations and trigger point therapy. 

Megan also encourages good communication throughout the massage to create a safe and effective treatment. Megan empowers her patients with education and promotes a positive lifestyle.

Nicole Burt, Registered Massage Therapist   

Nicole has been an RMT for 5 years now. A native to St. John’s, Nicole grew up participating in many activities from soccer to dance to multiple musical instruments, but primarily she was a competitive figure skater. At 20 years old, she moved to Ontario to train and compete with Canada’s top synchronized skating team, Nexxice, where they earned a world silver medal. Having always been a young elite athlete, Nicole has had her share of injuries and hence has seen many different clinicians. It was clear she had to pursue a career where she could be the person she needed when she was a young athlete. This is what drives her in her career today - first hand knowledge in the physical stresses put on the body, often overloading and causing injury, knowing that the “one size fits all” approach isn’t the answer. She uses a combination of Swedish massage techniques, deep tissue, and cupping on her table to allow for optimal release. She believes that the key to your therapy goals lies in your consistency to adhering to maintenance treatment as well as home care prescribed by all therapists involved.

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