Our Registered Acupuncturists

Sajeela Tariq, R. Ac

I graduated from the Australian Acupuncture College In 1993 with a Practitioners Diploma of Acupuncture. After working in rehabilitation and wellness clinics I gained extensive experience in treating various health conditions. These include soft tissue injuries, acute and chronic pain conditions, general wellness and relaxation, anxiety and depression. My holistic approach to healthcare takes into account your exclusive needs, while focusing on the root cause. I use various TCM modalities including cupping, Gua Sha, Tui Na and TDP lamp. My treatments will help bring your body back to balance by harmonizing Qi flow and activating your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Let me improve the quality of your life through acupuncture.

Jisu Lee, R. Ac

Jisu graduated from the Acupuncture program and Physical Therapy Assistant program with an honour of excellence. As a Registered Acupuncturist, she is sensitive towards clients' goals and feelings as well as their pain tolerance. When working together with clients to help alleviate their health concerns, she takes in consideration the holistic view of the body and mind as one.

She uses other modalities such as Gua sha, Cupping, Tui Na, and Thermal-therapy. She has special interests in facial therapy and treating TMJ, migraine, headaches, Bell’s Palsy, and cosmetic acupuncture (i.e. facial lifting, anti-aging), as well as treating abdominal obesity.

Additionally, her clinical experiences range from musculoskeletal pain, joint pain, abdominal pain, indigestion, gynaecological issues, anxiety, insomnia, bowel movement issues, and other various conditions.

She is also currently expanding her knowledge at York University through the Kinesiology and Health Science Specialized Honours BSc program.

Kellie Williams,. R. Ac   

Kellie is a practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, licensed and registered in good standing with the CTCMPAO.

After completing her acupuncture program, she continued her training under the guidance of many Masters from China here in Toronto. She learned many modalities of the profession under the tutelage of some of the best in the industry. 

Diseases that she treats include migraine, back pain, shoulder pain, insomnia, Sciatica, digestive issues, Bell’s Palsy, and many other musculoskeletal issues as well as mental issues such as depression, stress and anxiety.

Her technique is a mixture of modalities including Tuina massage, Shiatsu, Cupping, Guasha, Ear Acupuncture and Scalp acupuncture. The mixture of techniques allows her to tailor her treatments to each client based on their health concerns."

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