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Dr. Jan J. Wu, Licensed Chiropractor   

Hi, I am Dr. Jan Wu!  I have most recently completed a post graduate Masters Degree in Applied Neuroscience with a specialization in Neurotology. My chiropractic degree is from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. I also have training in kinesiology, psychology and the sport sciences from The University of Western Ontario and Semmelweis University. 
I have been engaged in clinical practice since 2003 and private chiropractic practice since 2008 with a special interest in athletic and performing artist health. In the last decade, I have been focused on caring for dancers and athletes at the highest professional levels. 

My typical practice includes: care of athletic injuries; dance and performing artist health; neurological, dizziness and vestibular rehabilitation; and pre/post natal care. Beyond injury management, I am an advocate for a team based approach to informed healthcare. I communicate with the entirety of a client's medical team and employ a highly researched approach to support and sustain peak performance training demands by combining supportive manual nMSK techniques and targeted lifestyle programs (sleep, nutrition, stress management etc.).

I have recently moved to the Peterborough area having spent the better part of his life in the GTA. I'm really looking forward to enjoying the outdoors and the peace of the entire county.  

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