Our Certified Reflexologists

Shelley Grace, Certified Reflexologist

Shelley Grace is a certified Reflexologist through RAC (Reflexology Association of Canada). She is a recent graduate of foot reflexology and studied at Réflexe Santé in Cumberland.

Shelley is passionate about offering natural care to clients. She works the reflexes on the feet by applying pressure to help release tension, improve circulation and to help achieve balance in the body so that it may heal itself. Her goal is to help clients feel better, body, mind and soul.

Nicole Oullette, Certified Reflexologist

Nicole Ouellette is a certified Reflexologist through RAC (Reflexology Association of Canada) since 1998. Through all these years, Nicole took continuing education at Madeleine Turgeon Réflexologie School in Montréal and Ayurvedic Reflexology with Sharon Stathis. Nicole has offered practical workshops on stress, insomnia, and metamorphic massage. She also practices Amma Massage, hand reflexology postponed due to pandemic. She volunteers with colleagues on Health Shows to offer Mini Reflexology Treatment and has been President locally of RAC.

Nicole is very passionate about reflexology and invites you to experiment what reflexology can do for you! She is offering a blend of her experience to improve circulation, release tension and give your body tools to help itself. Le service est offert dans les deux langues.

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