Our Registered Acupuncturists

Sajeela Tariq, R. Ac    

After working in rehabilitation and wellness clinics for over 20 years I have gained extensive experience in treating various health conditions. These include soft tissue injuries, acute and chronic pain conditions, general wellness and relaxation, anxiety and depression. My holistic approach to healthcare takes into account your exclusive needs, while focusing on the root cause. I use various TCM modalities including cupping, Gua Sha, Tui Na and TDP lamp. My treatments will help bring your body back to balance by harmonizing Qi flow and activating your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Let me improve the quality of your life through acupuncture.

Anita Wray, R. Ac    

Anita has been practicing Chinese medicine since 1995 and loves helping people to address their healthcare concerns on all levels; physical, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional, with compassion, education, and results based counseling! She has an intuitive approach that can target underlying issues and is focused on the homeostasis that is necessary to bring people into balance to get them feeling better and with purpose in their lives. Nonjudgmental and caring, Anita is a true healer on all levels!

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