Our Registered Acupuncturists

Amina Wong, R. Ac   

Amina is s Registered Acupuncturist in Ontario. She graduated in John and Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine Collage in Markham. She has over 7 years of erience. She uses different acupuncture techniques to treat clients specific needs. This includes Basic TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) techniques, Fong’s Head Needling and Tam’s Meridian Balance Method.

Basic TCM acupuncture techniques have been proven to be consistently successful in treating pain release in all muscle issues as well as issues with shoulders, back, legs, knees, neck and headaches. TCM is also helpful when it comes to emotional stress release, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Different methods of using needles can also help in strengthening the immune system, arthritis and even hair loss due to stress.

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