Our Registered Acupuncturists

Christian Konietschke, R. Ac

School: Institute of Traditional Medicine (ITM) in Toronto, graduated 2018

Why Acu: Natural healing modalities have always been a go-to and a passion for me personally. When I decided to follow this passion professionally, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) had the most to offer: thousands of years of unbroken medical knowledge and research have refined an intricate system of healthcare that considers the whole person. Diet and lifestyle guidance, acupuncture, massage, cupping, scraping as well as exercises all make up the toolkit of a TCM practitioner.

Courses: Acupuncture program, Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine, Medical Qi Gong.

Modalities: Acupuncture, Tui Na massage, Gua Sha scraping, Cupping, Medical Qi Gong.

Interests: I have spent the past 15 years living a simple homesteading life close to the Earth, growing veggies and trees, keeping bees, learning about natural building methods and permaculture. I love going swimming, hiking and biking in the grand outdoors, spending quality time with my wife and kids.

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