Our Registered Massage Therapists

Johnson Joy, Registered Massage Therapist   

Johnson completed his 2200 hours of massage therapy at Makami College, Edmonton in December 2023. He will have his advanced Massage Clinical Therapy Certificate by April 2024 and is a member in good standing with the Canadian Registered Massage Therapy Association. 

Johnson is a psychiatric social worker by profession. He has taken his experiences from this profession into his career as a Massage Therapist. He is able to help improve mental health, but through empathy can help provide a rewarding massage experience to a client.

Some of the modalities Johnson is trained in are Relaxation/Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Hot Stone, Theraputic and Stretching. He specializes in using both stretching and pressure in a rhythmic flow to alleviate client pain. 

Johnson is passionate about his work. He is an open and honest person who doesn't believe in misleading people and tries to be fair in everything he does. He enjoys doing Tiktok videos and choir in church.

Joby Varghese, Registered Massage Therapist   

Joby is a recent graduate of Makami College, completing his 2200 hours in January 2024. He will have his full certificate in April, 2024. He is a member in good standing of the Canadian Registered Massage Therapy Association. 

He finds Massage Therapy to be a rewarding enjoyable career and likes helping clients on their journey to wellness. 

Some of Joby's specialties include Deep Tissue, Therapeutic and Myofascial Massage. 

In his free time he enjoys watching movies, driving and listening to music.

Julio Uribe, Registered Massage Therapist   

Julio graduated from Makami College in June, 2020 and is a member in good standing with the Canadian Registered Massage Therapy Association.

Having met and married a fellow Registered Massage Therapist, Julio became interested in the profession and fell in love with Massage Therapy once he started his education. He enjoys understanding how muscles work and helping his clients heal.

His style is to always focus on what the client requires and read their body to apply just the right amount of pressure. He combines swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, plus stretching and myofascial release to achieve the best results. 

Julio considers himself to be a very responsible,  punctual, neat, organized person. In his spare time he loves spending time with his wife and two dogs. He is very active-enjoys running, cycling and working out. He would like to run a marathon in the near future. He also enjoys travelling, watching football and learning new things.

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