Our Licensed Chiropractors

Dr. Jeff Grykuliak, Licensed Chiropractor    

Dr. Grykuliak graduated in 2017 from Palmer West College of Chiropractic in San Jose, CA. He always had an interest in sports medicine growing up and in his later years, Chiropractic care just seemed like the best fit for him. His treatment specialties are biomechanical/holistic. He often uses (ART) Active Release Techniques and manual adjusting but is also trained in several other techniques as well. He can treat the whole body and focuses on correcting movement patterns. If you’ve been in an accident recently or have been in prior accidents, he strongly suggests chiropractic care for long term health benefits and recovery. He enjoys being outdoors and is a new father to his baby boy!

Dr. Josh Konu, Licensed Chiropractor   

Dr. Joshua Konu qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic after completing his Doctoral degree at The University of Western States. He had previously graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Physics and another in Human Biology.

Before graduating, Joshua was one of the few students who got to Shadow overseas in the United Kingdom. That brief period of time solidified his love for not only “Football” but Chiropractic and the benefits it will bring to his future patients.

For the last 10 years, Joshua worked at Konufitness a personal training company which he and his older brother founded. This helped him further understand body mechanics and motion in all sports. Where he successfully trained a variety of clients including people such as rugby players and triathletes, boxers, and basketball players. He also became one of the few chiropractors to obtain a master’s degree in Sports Medicine.
Joshua has a very keen interest in postural correction, sports injuries, biomechanics, and rehabilitation. He studied under Dr. Craig Kawaoka, an internationally renowned chiropractor who was the U.S. team physician at World Weightlifting Championship in Paris. Additionally, he had the pleasure of studying under Dr. Jun Kawaguchi the team sports medicine specialist with U.S. Women’s Futsal for the 2017 AMF Futsal Women’s World Cup. This has enabled him to develop an in-depth knowledge of the forces involved in spinal loading within sport and an increased understanding of the mechanism of common spinal complaints. This allows for specific management advice to be given, regarding reducing the risk of future recurrence, in addition to treatment and performance guidance.
During his down time Joshua loves to spend time playing basketball, rugby, and when he’s not at the gym he enjoys hikes and spending time with friends and family.

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