What You’ll Love About Massage Addict 
For 83% of our clients, pain management or relief from stress/anxiety are their top reasons for visiting Massage Addict. (This is why it’s no surprise that our clinics provide 65,000 treatments a month to clients across the country.) Our clients also tend to be repeat customers, with similar issues that crop up regularly, which means there is a recurring client base to tap into month over month. You’ll also love that your schedule is flexible, there is no non-compete, and you can set hours based on timing that works for you and your life.

In addition, we know that ongoing education is important to you. As such, we offer continuing education support in the form of a contribution towards classes. The amount of the contribution ranges, with a high of $250/year, pending the number of clinic hours you practice.

The Massage Addict Experience
Our teams of Registered Massage Therapists, Licensed Chiropractors and Certified Reflexologists work together to seamlessly address the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on collaboration and professionalism, and we encourage our clinic teams to share knowledge and cross-promote their expertise. We’re also big on celebrating our successes, so you can expect team-building and special occasion events that promote a positive, fun team atmosphere.

We Take Care of You
We want you to be able to focus on your clients first and foremost, so we work hard to make sure you feel supported behind the scenes. This means that our administrative and management teams will help to fill and keep your schedule, as well as provide assistance with full-time reception coverage, supplies, billing, booking and marketing services. 

We also pride ourselves on supporting your growth and development. We provide in-house training and tuition reimbursement opportunities, to help you make the most of your career at Massage Addict. 

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