Congratulations 2023 Canadian Council of Massage Therapy Schools (CCMTS) Excellence in Research and Interpretive Studies Annual Competition Winners!

Highlighting the Significance of CCMTS Research

The CCMTS Research Competition is a much-celebrated contest that recognizes outstanding research conducted by massage therapy students. It highlights the importance of research in advancing the field of massage therapy and its impact on patient care.

Together, CCMTS and Massage Addict strive to support the growth of the massage therapy industry in Canada through the co-sponsorship of the CCMTS Excellence in Research and Interpretive Studies Annual Competition. 

With the CCMTS Research Competition, students can contribute to the body of knowledge in massage therapy and make meaningful contributions to the field. The award not only recognizes their hard work and dedication but also encourages further research and innovation.

By highlighting the significance of CCMTS research competition, we aim to inspire more students to expand their thinking and expertise in research and grow future participation in upcoming research competitions.

Announcing the Winners

It’s now time to announce the 2023 CCMTS Research Competition winners and celebrate their achievements. This talented groups of students have demonstrated exceptional skills and knowledge in their respective research areas of interest. 

Their work showcases their expertise, creativity, and dedication to advancing the field. We congratulate them on their achievements and look forward to their future contributions.

First Prize was awarded to Rebecca Gust and Tetiana Lutsenko of Western College of Remedial Massage for their paper, “The Effects of Massage Therapy on Blood Pressure”.
Prize - $2,000

Second Prize was awarded to Rebecca Gust, Tetiana Lutsenko, Braydan Mohns, and Roland Suarez of Western College of Remedial Massage for their paper on ‘The Effects of Massage Therapy on Sleep Quality’.
Prize - $1,000

Third Prize was awarded to Rose Alquiza and Akanshi Philip of triOS College for their paper on “Effectiveness of Massage Therapy in Fatigue Management in Breast Cancer Survivors - A Literature Review”.
Prize - $600

Why Massage Therapy Research is Important

Massage therapy research plays a crucial role in advancing the field and improving the quality of care provided to patients. Through evidence-based findings from research studies, healthcare professionals can continue to incorporate massage therapy into recommended treatment plans. 

For example, research has shown that massage therapy can effectively reduce pain and improve function in individuals with chronic musculoskeletal conditions, such as low back pain and osteoarthritis. Additionally, massage therapy research was helpful in demonstrating its practical effectiveness on easing stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation, and improving a person’s overall wellbeing. This information led to the integration of massage therapy into hospitals, and many rehabilitation and wellness centres.

“Supporting efforts in massage therapy research is essential for the continued growth and advancement of the field. It enables therapists and medical professionals to make evidence-based decisions, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the overall well-being of individuals,” says Massage Addict CEO, Caroline Kolompar.

Moreover, massage therapy research has paved the way for the development of evidence-based guidelines and best practices. These guidelines help ensure that massage therapists adhere to established protocols and deliver safe and effective treatments. By following these guidelines, massage therapists can confidently provide high-quality care and contribute to positive patient outcomes.

“Devoting time and resources into massage therapy research and education and developing exceptional practitioners, will encourage more and more people to pursue massage therapy as a long-term career”, says CCMTS President Brandy John. “As a result, we will also be increasing access and awareness to so many Canadians who are seeking relief from pain and discomfort, and relaxation from the stress and tension of everyday life.” 

“On behalf of Massage Addict, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of the 2023 competition,” says Massage Addict CEO, Caroline Kolompar. “We are so proud to partner with CCMTS to highlight and celebrate advanced learning and research in massage therapy across Canada and are excited to be a part of the continuing growth of research in the industry.”

If you are an instructor at a CCMTS member school and interested in contributing to massage therapy research, we encourage you to get your students involved in the CCMTS Research Completion program in 2024.

Participating in the program provides an excellent opportunity for your students to showcase research skills, gain valuable experience, and contribute to the advancement of the field. For an informational PDF you can share with your students click here.

For more information on The Excellence in Research and Interpretive Studies Annual Competition, please click here or contact Brady John at

Key Information

Guidelines & Criteria PDF:
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Application Form:
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July 31, 2024

Award Value:
1st Place $2,000 honorarium & commemorative plaque
2nd Place $1,000 honorarium
3rd Place $600 honorarium

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