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Dr. James Motyer, Licensed Chiropractor

Dr. James Motyer attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and graduated in 2019. Chiropractic care was extremely helpful for him when he was growing up; being actively involved in sports, regular visits to the Chiropractor helped him greatly to achieve his goals and as a result he achieved his career goal of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr. James has received training for Active Release 'ART', function integrative acupuncture and also completed training through the Titleist Performance Institute of golf. Dr James uses a diversified approach to care including soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization/adjustments and exercise prescription. He believes in using a combination of manual therapy with an emphasis on corrective, sport specific exercise to improve mobility, strength and endurance to encourage the patient to become an active participant in improving their health and achieving their treatment goals.

On his off day, Dr. James is an avid golfer but also enjoys hockey, football, soccer and depending on the season, he can sometimes be found hiking or fishing.

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