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Our Registered Massage Therapists

Alison Kennedy, Registered Massage Therapist
Alison is a 2016 graduate of ICA’s Massage Therapy Program in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and is a member of the Massage Therapist Association of Nova Scotia (MTANS).
She has always been interested in assisting people in the improvement and maintenance of  their health. Having discovered the program at ICA, she jumped at the chance to specialize in a hands on method of therapy, and believes that massage is an integral part of any health care routine. Since starting the program, Alison has discovered that there are many more benefits associated with regular massage than she had originally anticipated.
With extensive knowledge in proper biomechanics, posture, and techniques to manage and correct imbalances found in the body, Alison can assist the body’s natural ability to heal injuries, relieve chronic aches and pains, and impart a sense of overall wellbeing for her clients. She also believes that home care and remedial exercises can help to prolong the effects of massage therapy treatment, and can function to strengthen and maintain the health of body tissues.
Alison looks forward to meeting new clients, and assisting them with the maintenance of their health by delivering active and proactive treatment to everyone that visits.
Nicole Surette, Registered Massage Therapist
Nicole Surette is a graduate of  the 2200 hour program at Island Career Academy in Sydney, Nova Scotia.  She is also a member of the Massage Therapists' Association of Nova Scotia

After working in the food service industry for several years, she developed a great understanding of the aches and pains associated with most types of occupations. 
When Nicole finally decided to make a career change, she wanted to help people improve their lives.

Nicole believes it is better to find the source of the problem rather than just mask the symptoms. She has firsthand experience on how beneficial massage can be when used in combination with proper homecare.  During her treatments, Nicole listens carefully to her client's complaints, and determines the best course of treatment to suit their needs.

Nicole has experience in different modalities of massage such as, General Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pregnancy, and more. She is looking forward to gaining more experience with courses to advance her skills as a therapist.

Nicole is looking forward to creating a custom treatment plan that will assist you in reaching your healthcare goal. 
Adam Francis, Registered Massage Therapist

Adam is a recent graduate of Island Career Academy having completed the 2200 Hour Registered Massage Therapist course. He has always had a passion for helping others which is why he chose a career path that would allow him to assist people with recovery and wellness. He takes great pride in applying all he has learned to further himself as a therapist.

Adam has been a Reiki practitioner for 10 years and has always had an interest in healing people. Adam enjoys listening to his  records or curling up with one of his many books.