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Our Certified Reflexologists

Roline Harris, Certified Reflexologist

Roline is a confident and knowledgeable Reflexologist who (RAC) trained in Alberta, Canada and has been practicing for almost 15 years. She is a positive, caring person who is presently training in Reiki energy Level 1 to compliment her treatments. She thoroughly enjoys assisting clients in order to promote healing and to ensure they enjoy the full benefits of her treatments. Roline has also been able to provide positive results to Prenatal/Infants, Seniors, and Palliative Care clients. She also has experiencing with both Cancer and Stroke patients. She looks forward to seeing you in the clinic soon!

Denise Gismondi, Certified Reflexologist    

Denise has long believed in learning about your own body, and taking charge of your own well being. As a teenager, she underwent surgery for scoliosis, which set her on life long journey to discover about body mechanics and complementary therapies for pain management and stress reduction. Six years ago, she was guided by her reflexologist to help recover from a bereavement, and felt inspired to pursue reflexology upon her retirement from the UGD School Board. As a result with her work with special needs students, with whom she was able to innovate and appreciate multiple learning styles, Denise has come to believe that there also exist many avenues to achieving optimum wellness, and that each of us is unique with what we need to achieve it.