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Our Certified Reflexologists

Nymia I., Certified Reflexologist

Nymia was originally trained as a Reflexologist in the Philippines. When she immigrated to Canada in 2015, she wanted to bring that training and experience to as many Canadians as possible. She attended Centennial College, earning her certification in Reflexology, and is now a member of the Royal Reflexology Council of Ontario. Nymia was drawn to the simple and effective healing abilities reflexology brings to the body. She aims to bring better body awareness, restoration, and relaxation to her clients in each of her sessions.

Donna D-K., Certified Reflexologist

Donna received Certification in Reflexology at Centennial College in 2015. She has her Reiki First Degree and Classified Yoga Teacher Certifications as well. Her inspiration to become a reflexologist stems from many years of working as a physical fitness instructor. Donna realized that the human body can reset itself naturally by reconnecting the body, mind, and soul. Her Reflexology Therapy focuses on the feet, helping release toxins and re-balance energy throughout the body. It is a deeply relaxing treatment that promotes better health by improving circulation and reducing stress and tension, allowing the body to focus on healing. Donna’s goal is to help her patients reconnect with their bodies, leading to better rest and relaxation, while stimulating the healing response.