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Our Certified Reflexologists

Candace Tomic, Certified Reflexologist    

Candace was certified through (RAC) Reflexology Association of Canada back in 2007. She has since then been working in the medical field along side doctor's in traditional and non traditional medicine for over 15 years. She is passionate about what she does and helping in any way possible. She enjoys bringing balance and harmony back into people's lives through the healing art of Foot Reflexology.

Gina Bello, Certified Reflexologist

Gina attended the Reflexology School of Canada and graduated in 2002. Gina became a Reflexologist in order to learn how the body functions, integrating mind, body and spirit and the bodies innate ability to heal itself. Gina is trained to do reflexology of the feet, hands and ear. Gina likes to use hands on holistic therapies to restore and maintain health. Gina is a proud member of (RRCO) Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario.

Connie Bailey, Certified Reflexologist

Connie sought out reflexology as a way of helping others address and ease the stress of life in a natural healthy way.

Since receiving her foot certification from the Holt School of Natural Healing in 1995, she furthered her studies and received her hand reflexology certification from Reflexology Training Essentials in 2016.

In addition to reflexology, Connie received her diploma as a registered practical nurse in 1984 with continuing education in advanced nursing foot care. She currently works at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto as a Phlebotomist at the Outpatient Sears Cancer Centre.

She feels reflexology is a rewarding practice. Clients are grateful for sessions and are confident in knowing she practices in a non invasive, confident, compassionate, confidential and sanitary matter.